And the readathon has begun! Well, I wasted two hours already (but no, I was sleeping. Sleep is important). I will start reading now in the Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg and I will update you all later.


And I finished the first book! I have been reading for a while, also had breakfast and lunch and I did some sudoku’s on my phone. Therefore I wasn’t finished with the book earlier, but that’s okay. I had a nice and relaxing morning and the afternoon until now is also going great!

I will start reading a bit in Vox Machina Origins soon. I will not read the whole graphic novel in one sitting. Maybe in 4 sittings over the weekend, but for now I need a relaxing read with more visuals.

The Kingdom was really interesting. The writing wasn’t that great. Some things were a bit weird and inconsistent, but there was a meaning and it was interesting to think about machines and feelings, thoughts, those kind of things we only assign to humans. It’s very interesting and I need to calm down a bit after this.

I hope all your reading is also great and you can enjoy your time. Will get back to you later!


Yes! I am still reading. I started with Vox Machina Volume 2. It is really great, but I didn’t want to run through it in one go, so I stopped about 1/3 in. I had dinner in te mean time and I started The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan. I know the jokes, I know the story (somewhat), but I am still excited. It’s a great read. I will be reading this book, hopefully until I finish it. Will be late, but that will be allright. I hope to get some nice snacks this evening and read more 🙂 Will speak to you later!


Prff. What a night and what a morning. Sadly, I didn’t finish Serpent’s Shadow last night. I figured it would be more productive to go to bed and start reading again fresh and slept in instead of reading late at night with having trouble to keep my eyes open. So I read the last two hours this morning.

After I finished that book I also read some Vox Machina again. And after my proper breakfast I started reading in Eve of Man by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher. I think it’s a really great book. I am enjoying it a lot until now. The story is interesting, the characters are interesting and I can relax with the writing style. Not that difficult and easy to immerse in.

I had some nice lunch with pesto, carpaccio and some dressing. That was really tasty, but after that I started to get tired again. I did some listening to the audio book while painting, but after that I slept for about an hour. Right now I am still not very awake and I am toying with the idea of going to bed again. So I finished Vox Machina Origins – Series 3 and I figured I would finish the readathon for me. I can push through, but I won’t enjoy it and my body prefers other activities. So thats it! It was a nice readathon! I read 3,5 books in 48 hours! Or 36 hours even. It was really great and I enjoyed the books. So I will see you later on my blog and I will wait for the next readathon.