And the first round of the Pondathon is over! You can read everything about this readathon in my other post The Beginning of the Pondathon 2022 and on the website of the Quiet Pond, the organising blog for the readathon. I have read a lot the first month of 2022. Sadly a few books I started before the readathon started, so those didn’t count for the readathon, but I have read a book this month and started a few others.

I mainly read Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers. This is a sapphic book about a girl who in a drunk night in LA married a girl she didn’t know. It is a story about expectations, burn-out and depression, but also about love and friendship. I really loved it so much. I was so excited and I really want to reread it some day. I read it on my e-reader, but I might buy it for my shelves to show it to the world.

I have started two other books, but sadly I didn’t finish those this month. However, the book above also counted towards the diversity books that was part of a pond friend quest. We needed to read diverse books for Xiaolong, so we can read the books aloud to the flowers we are planting in the forest. So cute and I got a reward from it!

Last but not least there was also a Companion Quest! These are quests from people outside the pond and outside the blog. This quest was from Racquel Marie, beautifully pictured as a cute dog. Racquel Marie is the writer of Ophelia After All, in which roses are a thing. For this quest we needed to create a rose for our favourite book. You can find my Percy Jackson inspired rose below!

I started reading XOXO by Axie Oh, a book about music, Korea and love. Really excited about this one, even though I am not that far in. Also I started Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo. The last book, so I can’t wait to finish it and see how it ends.

And now it is time to show you what my garden looks like!

There is my cute Miru! He is very content in his small garden. I have not read as much this month as I wanted. Well, mainly didn’t finish as much as I wanted, so I duplicated some things. Next period probably will be better, and then maybe the garden will be able to expand a bit.

See you all after next period!