And the second round is already over. This round was going very fast, so therefore I haven’t read as much as I wanted. I read only one book in this round (but started a few others). Luckily there was also an extra reward for reading a book during Lunar New Year, so therefore I got two items this round for my little garden. If you want to know more about this year-long readathon, read my first blog about this or go to the readathon page on the Quiet Pond.

The book I read for this period was Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo. The last book in the Grisha series and I enjoyed it so much! I was so happy that it didn’t end exactly as I was afraid of and it wasn’t all predictable. The characters are still great. I love some of the reputation in this book (though I hoped for more). A great book and I really want to continue reading the books in this universe. We will see what will be the next book.

By reading this book I got two items for my garden. A bush and a lunar new year plant. These are very pretty, especially the one for Chinese New Year. I added these to my little garden. You can find it below.

The next round has already started, and because I began reading a lot of books just before the end of round two I have already finished a few. Of course I will show these in the next round. Then I will also have done the side quest (or have I already done them? Who knows?). I can let you know that I am enjoying the books a lot, but I will tell you more in the next blog on the Pondathon.

Are you also enjoying the readathon? Which books have you read already this year?