So many times I have ideas about what I want to do in a day. I like watching YouTube videos, reading, blogging, writing. There are so many things I like to do in my spare-time. There are many things that get me excited. But do you know what I do then? Gaming.

I think it’s such a waste of my time. Mainly because there are so many things I like, and I use it all with gaming. I like gaming, that’s not the problem. And I don’t regret my time put in gaming, but I forget the things I get enthusiastic about. Especially my creative hobbies like writing and blogging.

I haven’t blogged for a while, even though I have a lot of ideas. I have read books I can write cool reviews about. I have interesting ideas of stories I can write and show to you guys. But I don’t do it. Instead I play Graveyard keeper on my laptop or I watch videos of Knorpp & South on my phone. And that gives me a lot less satisfaction than having publicized a new blogpost.

But why do I do it? Gaming? Or numbly watching YouTube videos. Because when I get in the YouTube-spiral I hardly get out. And I don’t get to my creative outings anymore. I think I do it, because it is easy. It is easy to go to a video or to start a game. And after I got in the spiral I never get out halfway the evening. I find that very hard.

So what can I do about it? That is the big question. How do I make myself doing the cool things that excite me so much? I used my bullet journal as a motivator for awhile, but I don’t do that anymore. I failed already for so many days that I don’t even try it anymore. And I think that is such a shame, because it gives me so much energy.

I think it is important to think about what I really want. Thinking about if it really gives me energy to play that game. And then I should really go to my blog or my story to write. That would be nice, right? This new blog is a start anyway.

And how do you do it? That’s what I find interesting. How do you make yourself not get to the easy hobbies all the time, while the more challenging hobbies give so much more satisfaction? I really would like to hear about that from you!