My plans for this Saturday suddenly disappeared, so that means time came free to participate in Dewey’s Readathon! A 24 hour readathon that takes place every year in April and in October. This readathon starts this Saturday at 2 PM, my time (CEST) and will take 24 hours. That is a long time, especially for my current brain, which isn’t very good at concentrating anymore. In the past I have stayed up for the whole night during the readathons, but I am not able to do that anymore. I will still try to read as much as I can, though, and there will probably be snacks. A lot of snacks. But for now, I really really want to tell you about the books I plan to read this weekend. I have three books, so here we go.

Wayward Son – Rainbow Rowell

Wayward Son is the second book in the Simon Snow series (at the moment a duology). It is about, who would know, Simon Snow. In the first book, Simon Snow saves the world as a hero, the wizard chosen one. But what happens after he saved the day? What about the second kiss? This book is all about the aftermath. And how someone deals with life after the hero’s journey is over. I am very interested in this second book. I liked the first one, so I will probably like the second one, right?

Dream Dark – Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Dream Dark is a book in the Beautiful Creatures series. This in-between book falls between Beautiful Darkness (book #2) and Beautiful Chaos (book #3) and it revolves around Link. He is wounded in the big battle in book two, and when he comes home he finds out that the wounds are not to be healed safely. Being bitten my a supernatural is not nothing. How does this normal boy deal with that. This is the last book I need to read for this series and I am excited to dive back into this series for one more time. And it is only 75 pages, so perfect for this readathon.

De Wrede Prins (The Cruel Prince) – Holly Black

To be fair, I don’t know a lot about this series. I have seen a lot of people talk about it, but I haven’t dived into reviews or conversations, so I don’t know more about this book than what is on the back. Still, I am excited to see what this one will bring me. I’m mainly reading it, because a Dutch podcast I am following has a few episodes about it, and I want to read the book before I listen to the episodes. It still sounds interesting though, and it was on my TBR anyway. It is interesting to see what it will do to my reading if I read it without knowing anything. Will this increase my opinion of it?

And this is my TBR for this weekend! I hope this will be another good reading weekend for you and enjoy the reading you are doing, if you participate in this readathon or not. See you on Saturday!