It is the fourth of December. That means that November has just ended. And the people who know me know that that means that I have just finished writing for NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. But how was it? Did I win this year? Have I written te 50,000 words of a story. That is what I am going to tell you now!

I did it! I made it! I have written the 50,000 words of a story! To be precise I ended with exactly 50,004 words. I stopped writing almost immediately when I finished. The last days were difficult so I was happy when I was finally done.

In the beginning of the month I started strong. On the second of November I had a write in here in the Netherlands. It was the first write in I have ever been to, but it was really great. I could write a lot in that first weekend so I had written 6,318 words by the end of the first weekend instead of the recommended 5,000 words. On the 13th, the 16th and the 23rd I had the most trouble, but I have written every day and I am very proud of that!

My story had a lot of interesting things. The beginning I have thought out whole, so in the beginning I could write really fast. Then I was lost for a while which made it more difficult. When I had finally figured out where I wanted to go I could write more again. I haven’t finished the story yet, but now I know where I want it to go, so I can slowly finish it in the upcoming period.

The last two days were very stressful. On Friday the 29th I had a Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house, so I couldn’t write a lot on that day. On the last day, the Saturday, I played Dungeons and Dragons with friends and family, so I didn’t have a lot of time on that day either. But I pushed through in the morning and then I finished! I did it! And editing is what December is for, right?

See you again next year for (Camp)NaNoWriMo!